Thursday, April 1, 2010

San Jose Plein air

First time starting up plein air with oil. I expected to fail hard haha, but I had a blast doing it. I couldn't get a good control with the color mixing and it would seem every time I put a new stroke down it would pick up the paint under and make my strokes muddy. Urg. Anyhow...Going to keep trying. Any recommended readings?


Danny said...

That's a pretty bad ass first attempt, very well simplified. Just watch your edges and keep atmospheric perspective in mind with a view like this.

The standard primer on oil painting from life is schmid's alla prima, if you don't already have it.

Good luck and let's see more paintings!

Jordan Lamarre-Wan said...

that's a great first painting Dan! Happy you joined!

for the muddy color mixing, just keep your brushed clean as you work. Use a paintbrush in one hand and a towel in the other and wipe the brush very often. Also have at least one cup of turp to dip into when changing to a different color. also, keep you palette clean and if possible use a palette knife to pick colors.

I found that a good way to keep the source colors clean is to take a palette knife, grab a good dab and spread it sideways onto the palette. this way, you can keep taking from there without contaminating your color stacks and this way, you don't need to switch over to the palette knife every time.